How to obtain a US student visa?

If you are willing to study in the US and are not a native then you will require to have a student visa and the application for a US student visa is a long process and it is required that you start preparing for the visa upfront. Start with it about 6 months before your course begins.

You will go through these five phases while applying for the visa:

• Appeal to a Student and Exchange Visitor Program (SEVP)-approved school/college in the US and this should be done at least six to twelve months before your course begins.

• Complete and fill the Student and Exchange Visitor Information System (SEVIS) fee structure.

• Finish your US student visa form and it will also require one recent photo of yours.

• Fill the visa application fee.

• Register for a visa interview.

1) Apply to a Student and Exchange Visitor Program approved school

It is essential to choose a school that is SEVP approved because, as an international student it will ensure that your degree gets recognized by all legal organizations worldwide.

Furthermore, solely SEVP-approved organizations are allowed to register students in the Student and Exchange Visitor Information System (SEVIS) and they are also responsible to equip the students with all the needed documents you require to apply for the US student visa.

Also, the US does not hold a centralized school application system so you would require to apply to each university separately and fulfill its application requirements and you will be required to show proof for satisfactory financial support.

2) Complete the payment for the SEVIS fee

It is required that you pay this fee 3 days before the day of submitting your application for the student visa. You can pay the fee online or by submitting a physical form and these can be accessed by US Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) SEVP’s official website.

There is enough description of the fee procedure on different types of payment that includes debit and credit payments as well. After paying the fees and completing all the procedures, you can check the status of the payment and its approval.

3) Submission of US student visa

After completing your SEVIS form and its fee you can make an appointment at any US embassy of your country and ask for a US student visa form and you must apply as early as possible.

Most countries own a website solely dedicated to the US student visa program where you can find everything.

The online visa application constitutes:

You have to pick the location from where you have to apply but you need to make sure that you have all the documents and proofs of information that you are filling. After filling in a security question, the portal will take you to the DS-160 form. At the top end of the form, you’ll find your application ID and you should remember it as it is a required ID to reclaim your form in case the page reloads or you wish to enter the page again.

Some personal information that is needed to complete the DS-160 form:

• Name and dob

• Passport information

• Home address and mobile number

• Details regarding travel plans

• Security, history, and medical health reports

• Details of previous US travel

• Your contacts in the US

• Family, work, and education details

• Travel companions if any

• SEVIS id

• Address of US school you expect to enroll in

4) Pay the US student visa fee

You will need to analyze the fee instructions for making the payment and it will be available on your embassy or embassy website. You can pay via:

• At an approved bank

• On phone

• Online

5) Schedule your visa interview

After completing all the above-mentioned steps, you are eligible to schedule an interview for the visa and it can be booked online or on phone. You must have all the documents and proof including an approved DS-160 form along with some other documents which will be required for this interview and you can look for the same on the embassy’s site.

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