Three easiest methods to backup your contacts in Android

Contacts are one of the most important things stored on our mobile phones. Imagine you suddenly lost all your contacts! I know it will be a shocking moment. You will definitely feel blank after that. A lot of calls are coming and all are unknown numbers and you can’t even be able to call anyone on your own as you’ve lost all of your contacts. It will be drastic if such a thing happens to you. So before it happens, backup your contacts with a few easy ways which we’re going to tell you today. 

There are many ways you can deal with such situations by taking backup. But sometimes it becomes tough to have a backup of your contact as the user gets confused about how to take backup or between methods. So here are a few easy methods we are suggesting to you.

Google Account 

This one is the most easiest method and anyone can learn how to backup contacts on android by this method easily. As we all know Android is run by google so that Google services are handy and easily applicable on Androids. Even though very few of the users know that contacts can be backed up on Google too. You just have to synchronise your contact on the Google account by which you have signed on to the device.

Open setting then selects the account you want to save your contacts and then click on the allow sync option. 

Use SD card or USB storage

These methods require the internet and it revolves around cloud storage’s recent technology. That’s why many people hesitate to upload their contacts over the internet or learn this new method of back up. All you require to perform this method to learn how to backup Android contacts is an SD card or USB storage. Your computer systems can be used as your USB storage to store your contacts, which you make into use later. At first, you need to insert the SD card and launch the app and select the import/export option. Select as per your need and wait for a few minutes while following the instructions, accept the pop-up boxes if they occur and wait until all the contacts get copied. 

Use Sim Card

This method is very useful and convenient. You can use this method for various purposes but for contacts back up, this one is best. All you need to do simply is a sim card and this method hardly takes 5 minutes. After getting a sim you must insert it inside the phone and go to your android phonebook and then to the settings tab where you will find an option to import and export. There you need to choose the sim and your contacts will get copied to your sim card. And you can copy the contact to other devices too by the same process. 

These three methods are the easiest and most useful for backing up your contacts so that you’ll never lose them.

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