Best chrome extensions one must have in 2021.

A Majority of internet surfers are depending on google chrome for everything and yes, google chrome is one strong browser that’s for sure. It is fast, has effective features, and is easy to use as well.

One of the most significant features that Google Chrome offers is extensions. In this article, you will find some of the best extensions there are.

What are Chrome extensions?

Extensions are some programs that can be installed on google chrome for modifying your browser and it changes your browser to make it better and convenient.

Chrome extensions will easily improve your browser’s functionality and they can manage your passwords, block ads and help you out much more.

Best chrome extensions that you must have:

Tab Wrangler

Tab Wrangler is one of the best extensions of chrome, however, Google has blocked this one in a few countries for some unexplained reasons.

Tab Wrangler closes all the inactive tabs by itself. This also means that if any tab is inactive for a long period then Tab Wrangler will close it and they are saved to coral so that you can reopen them at a click.

Full page screen capture

Full-page screen capture is an extraordinary extension and it has ingenious features.

With this extension, you can capture your browser’s screen as one image. It is similar to the screenshot feature that we have in mobiles.

For capturing your screen, click on this extension and scroll down for clicking a long picture of your screen. You can later export your file as a jpg file. Other than this, you can use Alt+Shift+P for capturing the screen too.

Adblock Plus

Adblock Plus is the most beneficial extension out there. Who hasn’t been annoyed with the advertisements that pop up while surfing the internet?

Well, Adblock Plus is an extension that removes ads and lets your surf without having any distractions.

The basic version of Adblock Plus is free of cost and it is effective as well but if you want you can always buy the premium version that removes all of the ads at once.


Pushbullet is a terrific chrome extension if you want to make your desktop productive.

With the help of Pushbullet, you can easily put your messaging applications like Whatsapp, Hike, Hangouts, Kiki, Messenger, etc. on your desktop.

Pushbullet enables you to send and receive messages and even notifies everything to you directly from the browser and saves your time, increases productivity, and removes distractions.


Anyone who uses the Internet regularly knows how irritating it is to type your passwords and log in to any site again and again.

LastPass saves your time and effort as it remembers and stores your passwords and automatically puts them once you start typing your username.

LastPass is also a beneficial tool if you forget complex passwords and it never saves your password on its own, LastPass will ask you if you want to save it or not and you can easily rely upon it for your logins.

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