Best Android Paid games to play in 2021.

If you are an interested gamer then you would love to know about the best android paid games in 2021. These games are different from the regular ones and they include features and specifications that take your gaming experience to the next level.

Why are these games better than free ones?

People often believe that paid games and free games are similar and it doesn’t matter but sadly that is not how things are! Paid android games provide you a hectic experience and it has much more brilliance.

Free games are often loaded with ads and these ads completely ruin the fun for most gamers but you have to struggle through gems, money, and other necessities of the game and paid games give you an upper hand on this.

Best android paid games

● Grand Theft Auto- San Andreas

No one on this planet has not heard or played Grand Theft Auto as it is one of the most famous games around the globe. GTA San Andreas has dictated the industry in PC.

Now, it is also available for Android users and you should not miss the best-paid game on Android and some of the newest features like cloud saves and multiple languages.

● Hole Down

Hole Down is an arcade game that needs brains. The concept of this game revolves around ball bouncing.

This game comprises six unique planets and you can dig any of them. It offers one-handed game support and an encouraging experience.

However, this game has been launched recently and is not that well known but it offers a decent gaming experience and has the potential to become the best games out there.

● Kingdom Rush Vengeance

Kingdom Rush Vengeance, the game is as its name suggests. Its story revolves around a kingdom that you will build and later save from your enemies.

This is an extraordinary defense game and has some lovely graphics to offer with an interesting storyline. You can even raise your own troops for war and attack on other kingdoms as well.

The game has about  25 levels and these are super challenging. Other than this it has 20 towers and 15 heroes and it has about 50 hidden secrets that you have to reveal.

● Reigns: Her Majesty

If you are done with defense and arcade games then this will be a challenging card game for you. Reigns is an amazing card game that gives you a tremendous gaming experience.

It has an interactive storyline to offer and its graphics are pixelated. You are a queen who makes significant judgments and this is just the beginning, the rest of the storyline is magnificent.

The game offers around 200 symbol cards and there are infinitive powers that will attack you. This outstanding game has the full ability to be the best-paid game.

● Another lost phone

Another lost phone is yet another lovely game that is entirely focused on its plot. It offers a premium experience and is one of the best-paid games out there.

By playing the game you will realize how you have to find details about someone through their phone and this is the most exciting part of this game.

It has high ratings on the play store and is already ruling over gamers’ hearts.

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