A new Google Classroom and Google meet with over 50 updates of 2021.

We all know that 2020 was not good for us all. COVID-19 changed everything. This pandemic affected our lifestyle and we’re now living in a totally different era as compared to the life before this pandemic. Apart from other consequences of this pandemic, it has a huge impact on the education system too. Universities started to take lectures online through digital platforms. A lot of developers launched their apps to help or to provide the appropriate platform to fulfil the need for a suitable platform.

In the world of technology, Google needs no introduction, Google also launched its online meeting streaming platform named Google classroom and Google Meet. Google claims that more than 170 million students and educators worldwide are using its education suite. Google constantly updated its apps and now Google today announced more than 50 updates for its educational suite i.e 50 new features to be updated to its education focussed products including Google Classroom and Google Meet.

With the all-new features, Google classroom this time also added an offline mode and improved mobile grading. The US tech giant has also rebranded its existing G Suite for Education as Google Workspace for Education. This means now you can access Google products including Google Classroom, Google Meet, and Google Drive at one-stop. 

A lot of students and Educators face network issues and may not be able to review their work, assignments, access attachments, etc. Google introduced the offline mode in the Android version of Google Classroom to ease digital learning for students. With this feature, students can work offline, review their homework, assignments, access attachments in Google Drive and write their assignments in Google Docs, all without requiring an active Internet connection.

Google has also improved the grading system in the android app which will help the teachers to easily view the submission and grade the work while viewing an assignment and sharing the feedback. Google is also planning to bring the addons so that teachers can directly be able to add their favourite third party edu-tech tools and content into the Classroom interface, without any special steps but they’ll need Education plus or Teaching and Learning upgrade on Google Classroom. 

For helping teachers detect plagiarism, Google Classroom will also receive originality reports in 15 languages, including Hindi, English, Danish, Finnish, French, German, Indonesian, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Malaysian, Norwegian, Portuguese, Spanish, and Swedish. The classroom will also get Student Information System (SIS) roster syncing and the ability to log student audit reports, including their removals.

Apart from Google Classroom updates, Google Meet is also getting updates. From now Google Meets will be able to support multiple hosts to allow more than one teacher for each virtual class. And there will be another feature to be added too which will let the teachers to prevent students from staying on a call after they’ve left it, with an ‘End meeting for all’ option. And teachers will also be able to mute the whole class at a time or teachers can also be able to control whether students can unmute themselves or not.

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